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Welcome back to Kimock’s Corner!

We are mostly production oriented here, gear and instruments etc. and I might not get to every question but g’head and ask: we’ll publish anything I’ve got a useful answer for. Sound isn’t music, so we have some musical Q+A too. You know me and my fascination with the slidey stuff, so happy to entertain tuning and temperament, theory and technique discussion too.

If you’ve a curious interest in, or love for music as I do, please don’t be shy. Happy to be here for y’all.

We had a similar intersection on the old website but the idea goes back to my youth by way of my Father, Joe Kimock, and a column he wrote by the same name. He used to let me proofread and edit his version of Kimock’s Corner, I was just a kid but I loved it and loved him for it.
In loving memory now.

Editors Note: In a recent upgrade to the website, we upgraded this discussion area to make it more user friendly. As a result, the original discussion area has been archived. You can read the old discussions In the corner archive.

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