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KVHW on Spotify please!

Just a request I guess. Would love to see that KVHW Live in Spotify. One the most played live albums I’ve ever listened to. Right up there with Live Dead, A Live One, and Santana and Buddy Miles LIVE! Also, I have never heard Steve KImock & Friends album. Would love to hear that too. Seems there’s no record of it outside of discog. I discovered you a little late, (97) so I missed out on that one. Keep playing! Thanks for reading. Chris from Chicago. (more Zero or Kimock song band shows please!)

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Analog to digital transfer

I have recently come across 3 cassettes from an old hippie friend that I used to go see Kimock/Vega shows with in the 90’s. I don’t see these shows in digital circulation. There is not a lot of info on the cassettes, but what I know is written below. 1- Zero: 2/27/93 Mystic Theater – Petaluma Soundboard 2- Zero: 9/27/93 Winston’s ~ San Diego Soundboard 3- Steve Kimock & Friends: 9/28/95 Last Day Saloon ~ San Francisco Soundboard I haven’t transferred any shows for uploading in years, and my equipment is ancient compared to what you have to work with. Would you be interested in convert & uploading these? I can mail them to you. If not I understand, you seem pretty busy. Thanks! Scott

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JazzIsDead walkdown chords 12/6/23

How does one find a recording of JID 12/6/23 in Louisville, KY (pronounced Lou uh vuhl {like full with a v) ? I wanna hear that snap of the 11 so I can learn the walkdown chord progression that you and Bobby Lee Rodgers are playing at/along/against. We loved riding the rail and enjoyed the playing much. Thanks. Next, why no tuner on your instrument?

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Twin Reverb Energy

Steve – I used to live in Denver and saw you many, many times at Quixotes/ around Denver in the 2010-2013 era. I’ve been in NYC since 2013. Thank you for the music you play. I just restored a 64 blackface twin reverb and need inspiration. If someone put a Blackface 64 Twin Reverb with JBL K120’s … What guitar are you grabbing, how does your eq look on the preamp and what are you playing?

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Phase 100

Hey Steve! Been really curious about the vintage phase 100 you use …can you give a brief history of it (where/when you got it, year…etc) what musical situations do you like to use it in? How do you set it? I notice that you referenced Jerry Garcia as an inspiration for it, any specific recordings or live performances of his in particular that made you want to add it into your tool kit? Any performances/recordings of yours that it plays a prominent roll that we can listen to? PS it was a real treat to see you in my back yard at Soundcheck studios in Pembroke MA hope you come back some time!!

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