Pro verses Twin

Hi Steve,

I love the sound of the East Coast setup with the Pro. After listening to your playing through stock (even relative stock) Fender amps I had a couple of questions as I aim to navigate some new roads tonally.

The headroom in Twins have been overwhelming to me. I have a stock 68 Super that has gotten too heavy. I like the darker tone of the Super compared to most Twins and I have heard a a middle ground between a Twin and a Super in a 68 Pro I just picked up..

I wondered what you thought about the difference between stock Pros and Twins, generally (tone, headroom, breakup especially with humbuckers), and what the 15″ speaker in the Pro gives you compared to the 2×12 setup (I’ve heard similar results in Pryor’s use of a Deluxe, I think, with a 15″ that sounded glorious also).

I hope that’s not too vague and I appreciate any insights you have. Your tone(s) has/have always been incredible. .

Many, many thanks,

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