Music to Enrichment

Hey Steve; I really admire you as a musician- the fact that you would host this forum for questions and openness is so cool- education sharing ideas so pivotal to everything we can create as humans – also how refined you are as a musical story teller .. wow cool, you tell of experience i’ll say that *

My question is this
(As someone who has been around a long time the scene and seen a lot of it)
What is your experience of the search for enlightenment through music of the jam band world?
Let’s not to get picky on what enlightenment or spiritual attainment might be, lets just kinda say in the general ball park of what Ram Das talks about. –

For me its been really difficult to stay with the jam band world at times because the frequency Ive sometimes felt it can be focused around, some of my friends get lost in drugs or even like self obsessive behaviors (which i know ive been there too at times (self obsession) , and i have compassion for everyone with where there at cause i have been there too) – But we as a people, the time is to evolve – It is crucial.
As someone who really admires the jam band world for what it could be as a place of healing and awakening – And i will forever be putting music and true emotion forward, speaking my truth and sharing in the moment. I really think the jam band world could be more honest with ourselves from the inside out.
But I aim to further and further disconnect from the paths that lead to ego and self centered reality.
I totally consider Trey to be one of my biggest teachers yet

Sorry if this is a little heady wording…
Rising above is the answer, team work is the answer
My questions are all based in the path forward and how we as a community in the jam band world can collectively work together to (lets say) *raise our frequency

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