Magnatone TC1

Hey Steve, I have the opportunity to pick up an old Magnatone TC1 thats been converted to a guitar head. Anything i should look out for on it? it seems to have a tweed deluxe style tone stack/control added and a speed and depth knob. I’d probably want to revert it closer to the original spec. As these are so rare and you have experience with them any insight would be much appreciated! Thanks, Sam

22 Jan 2023 6:19pm

Converted for guitar is probably what you want.
Stock TC-1 with an instrument level input is very, very, quiet.
I think they sound better with the original output transformers.
TC-1 is old enough to still use one selenium diode.
When that diode fails the amp will just arc output tubes every other day.
Make sure you get somebody to take that selenium crap out. I think it’s toxic besides being failure prone.
If you played it and it sounds good, it is good.
Those Magnatones are right at the top of the list of prettiest sounding guitar amps ever.

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