Lap steel guitar…!

Hey Steve Im a keys player looking to get into some lapsteel.. your range and tones on the small one you have is awesome! (thank you for the amazing show at the Lodge Room) I was wondering what kind that is and any thoughts on it? Hope to jam keys with ya sometime~ We’d have a blast I think;) Thanks man, Mike 818 618 8454

10 Jan 2023 7:14am

Hi Mike! Thanks for coming to the show. What a great crowd! Humbling. . Anyway, little steel is an old Supro, model name “airliner” I believe.

You can still find those under a grand; beat up without legs maybe half that.

I picked one up without legs, replaced tuners, missing knob, funky jack, etc for $300 a couple years ago.

Anything works to get started tho, six string lap steels are cheap.

Try to get one with a humbucking pickup if you want to do high gain sounds, that’s really the only consideration to get started.

Other than that, ignorance is bliss for all the rest of the details. If you don’t know where you’re going any road’ll take you there. .

Hope we do get to play someday!
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