JID Recordings

All, JID in Salt Lake was phenomenal. I was wondering if any of those shows will end up or on Nugs.net? Safe travels on the rest of your tour!
21 Jan 2023 8:15am

Give me a day or two to ask around and get back.
I’m not in the loop on that stuff. .

22 Jan 2023 5:14pm

Ok, turns out we are Recording all the shows from the board, but it’ll wait until tour’s over to clean it up and release it to wherever those kinds of tings get released . .
I’m guessing Charlie Miller will have his hands in that.
Thanks for coming to the show!

21 Jan 2023 6:02pm

Hoping recordings pop up somewhere – either on Nugs.net or a label release ala the original JID albums back in the day. Peace, love, and thanks!
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