Jazz is dead rig

Oh just wondering what’s traveling along with you on the jazz is dead tour. Anything out of the ordinary for the project Re:Garcia tone? Any funky pedals. Hope to catch you in tarrytown! You rock. And roll. Thanks,

11 Jan 2023 8:15pm

Lots of fly dates on this tour, so all the amps are backline. No surprises there, just the usual mix of reissue Fenders.
4×10 Bassman and Deluxe Reverb seems about right.
I brought the usual Stereo Wet Reverb and RV-2
I normally use, DeArmond volume/wah, a couple fuzz boxes, Mutron 3, the only tricky bit I brought was a Moog Ring Modulator which is so tricky I haven’t used it yet, but I will!

And a giant pile of too many guitars because the onstage production and ensemble approach was yet to be determined when I arrived in LA for rehearsal.
Right now I’m favoring the L7 and white Strat but expecting things to continue to develop as your progresses.

Band sound great, really glad to be playing with those guys.

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