Guitar straps

What’s your criteria for choosing a strap for your guitars? I’ve noticed a few recurring trusty standards such as the black one with the white strat, rainbow with the explorer, saddle wraparound deal for the l-7 and so on—do you try to go for comfort or whichever suits the guitar aesthetically?

18 Jan 2023 8:55am

That’s funny . .
I don’t know how much I think about it really.
I get a strap when I need one, and I don’t really need too many because I can only use one at a time.
I have ten times more guitars than straps.

The L7 strap is special, it’s for a guitar with no strap button at the heel. That’s the whole wrap around deal.
I have two rainbow straps because they’re rainbows.
Two of those black and tan ones, a couple cheesy thin cloth straps, and that black one for the Strat you mentioned.
I have a 1968 Gibson strap for my 1968 Gibson Les Paul, and that’s about it.

I’m sure there are “comfort straps” designed to be more comfortable somehow, but I think all straps are comfortable if you wear them right, and they’re all potentially painful if you wear them wrong.

You just have to wear ‘em out closer to the pint of your shoulder to support the weight without cutting into some nerve pain.
Straps hurt when they’re too close to your neck.

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